• Zohair A
  • Public Liaison

Visionary is the only way one can describe brother Zohair, in his third year of a double degree in Finance/Business Information Systems, brother zohair may be one of the few (if not only) shura boys that have opted for a career outside of engineering. Zohair has aspirations of working in the stocks/equity industry and researching about sharia finance, as well as wishing to complete his masters or CFA. When he’s not crunching some halal numbers, Zohair enjoys some light reading about world economics and personal finance, as well as readings about the seerah. Zohair is also an impressive polyglot, speaking Urdu, English and Arabic. Otherwise Zohair can be found enriching his passion for comics, superheroes, cars and planes and completing his role of public liaison officer for the society. It’s safe to say that we are very happy that Zohair has decided to stay on with the shura this year.