• Heesham S
  • Treasurer

If ever there was a prize for most dedicated shura member, then brother Heshaam would definitely be contender for first place. In his fourth year of software engineering, Heshaam like many of us, is accruing a HECS debt with no real idea of a career path. Heshaam undertook the role of graphic designer in 2016 and blitzed it with initiatives such as creating the website and the T-shirt campaign – all building him up to be the treasurer that he is today (Alhamdulillah for the only treasurer not demanding money). In his spare time Heshaam enjoys dabbling in the art of physical activity and is confident enough to boast a skill in every sport. With aspirations to make the society even more profitable and continue his services to the deen – we are eager to see what heshaam has in store for us this tenure.