• Asmaa G
  • Social Events

Another fresh face in the team this year is sister Asmaa, who will be undertaking the role of sisters social events coordinator. As part of this role sister Asmaa will ensure that UTSMS sisters can have fun, relaxing events where they can get to know each and other and forget about the stresses of uni. We know that sister Asmaa will excel in this role because of her love of road tripping and the great outdoors, but don’t ask her to ice skate! Sister Asmaa is currently in her third year of a bachelor of laws and you may hear her constantly referred to as Mariem (it’s her name as well) but she definitely prefers Asmaa! And if you really want to get on Asmaa’s good side then don’t suggest that pineapple should be on pizza as she is quite passionate about that! Welcome onboard to an exciting year ahead Asmaa!