Social Media Team

The second half of our social media and marketing team is a new addition to the shura. Brother Tamim is also a law and politics science student, Tamim is originally from Afghanistan, was born in Pakistan and raised in Australia - making for a colourful childhood indeed! A noteworthy event in this childhood that Tamim enjoys sharing is him falling into a sewer whilst posing for a photo in Pakistan - a true social media guru from a young age. When he's not overseeing the spruikong of the shura's online presence Tamim is known to quote that Chobani yoghurt is his favourite man made invention and chicken his favourite invention by god. If ever in need of Tamim on a hot day - you can find him hanging out in IKEA. Welcome aboard Tamim to what promises to be an eventful year ahead with you!

Noah K


If there ever was a genius personified, then it is in this year's president Noah Kashabesh. El presidente has unified his interests in both medicine and engineering with a combined degree in civil engineering and medical science. When he's not running the society like the well oiled machine that it is, Noah likes to enrich his avid interest in history learning about previous civilisations. Noah's qualities don't only lay in academia though, when he needs those much needed study breaks, sport is used as his reprieve and it's dopamine abilities are exhausted. The rest of us mere shura minions are definitely glad that Noah has decided to grace us with his leadership and allowed us to aid him in completing his aim of assisting the community and ummah and competing his goal of Uni-wide Dawah.

Omar S

Design Team

Our resident tech guru at UTSMS is Omar Salam. Currently in his 4th year of an Software Engineering and Science degrees, Omar is your first port of call for anything technology related (or not) that requires fixing. Photography is Omar's hidden talent, reaching the heights of Testino in picture quality (but not yet fame). When he's not running the technology aspect of the society, Omar can be found globetrotting across the world and enriching his already vast repertoire with even more experiences. A proud Australian/Palestinian and the first half of our stellar design team, Omar has big ideas in store for all things creative this year!

Heesham S


If ever there was a prize for most dedicated shura member, then brother Heshaam would definitely be contender for first place. In his fourth year of software engineering, Heshaam like many of us, is accruing a HECS debt with no real idea of a career path. Heshaam undertook the role of graphic designer in 2016 and blitzed it with initiatives such as creating the website and the T-shirt campaign - all building him up to be the treasurer that he is today (Alhamdulillah for the only treasurer not demanding money). In his spare time Heshaam enjoys dabbling in the art of physical activity and is confident enough to boast a skill in every sport. With aspirations to make the society even more profitable and continue his services to the deen - we are eager to see what heshaam has in store for us this tenure.

Zohair A

Public Liaison

Visionary is the only way one can describe brother Zohair, in his third year of a double degree in Finance/Business Information Systems, brother zohair may be one of the few (if not only) shura boys that have opted for a career outside of engineering. Zohair has aspirations of working in the stocks/equity industry and researching about sharia finance, as well as wishing to complete his masters or CFA. When he's not crunching some halal numbers, Zohair enjoys some light reading about world economics and personal finance, as well as readings about the seerah. Zohair is also an impressive polyglot, speaking Urdu, English and Arabic. Otherwise Zohair can be found enriching his passion for comics, superheroes, cars and planes and completing his role of public liaison officer for the society. It's safe to say that we are very happy that Zohair has decided to stay on with the shura this year.

Maaz A

Design Team

The second part of the design team is a UTSMS Veteran, transitioning from a role as facilities coordinator last year, Maaz has just the right amount of organisation, dedication and creativity to be half the mastermind behind all the upcoming designs that the society utilises this year. When he's not making stellar designs for the society, you'll find Maaz either watching the cricket or boosting his creative juices with bowls and bowls of biryani. Maaz is also in his second year of software engineering at uni and likes to maintain his energy for the busy lifestyle he leads by going to the gym.

Fahad S

Dawah Coordinator

Being the wisest (and oldest) member of the shura, brother Fahad's reputation recedes him. But contrary to what you may believe, he's also the Shura's resident big brother and is always there to help any brother/sister in need. Brother Fahad studies a bachelor of medical science (honours) and is in his final year of a master in pharmacy. When he's not busy saving the world, he likes to enrich his knowledge by watching documentaries, lectures and procrastinating on YouTube. Adding to all this, brother Fahad's two passions are cricket and biryani, rendering him easily the most likeable person in the shura.

Karim A

Social Events Coordinator

Adding to the troupe of brothers studying an engineering degree, brother Karim's sociable reputation promises a year of fun for the brothers like never before. In his third? Year of civil engineering, Karim is someone we know makes his parents proud daily due to his achievements in all aspects of life. Karim's interests extend beyond the university sphere, with him being an avid football fanatic, as well a devoted Friends viewer. Furthering his suitability for the role of socials director, Karim is known to appreciate a good sense of humour and is equally known to be the holder of many a good joke himself (although he would be too humble to admit that). Wherever his path leads him in life, we are confident that Karim will be met with success, with his infectious personality sure to draw only good things to him Insha'Allah.


Hanna A


In her fourth year of international business and law, if ever in a tongue twisting argument, Hanna Aili is the person you want by your side. Hanna is interested in current issues, particularly those regarding women and the effects of colonialism on indigenous populations - along with anything Nouman Ali Khan, refugee and travel related. Engrossed in practices such as reading, yoga, history and the humanities, not to mention the art of green juicing and perfecting her reality TV watching - Hanna is the well cultured sister we're psyched to have on our team.

Ushna K

Social Media Team

One half of the social media team that is continuing on from last year is sister Ushna. In her third year of a law/social political sciences degree, Ushna is skilled not just in the courtroom but is also a social media butterfly; covering Instagram, YouTube and blogging in all of its most aesthetic aspects. Ushna has not only perfected her online presence but has also taken activism in her stride and is an advocate of social justice issues - particularly in regards to gender, race and religion - and she is not one to shy away from a discussion about this! Ushna spends her spare time reading books and poetry, particularly by Pakistani authors such as Mohsin Hamid and Allama Iqbal. Leisure activities for Ushna comprise of watching/quoting/wearing the Grinch (movie), buying overpriced brunch and makeup and eating pizza (obviously).

Aishah A


If you've ever needed a testatment to the statement that age is no limit to one's capabilities, then sister Aishah is the person to look for. In her second year of law and communications, majoring in political sciences, at only 17 Aishah's resume already covers an impressive list of accolades, including being our resident spoken word champion. Aishah's love for television shows has consequently given her the title of rotten tomato critic, she is a lover of everything grey, some good quality banter and an adrenaline junkie. <span class="contextualExtensionHighlight ms-font-color-themePrimary ms-border-color-themePrimary ident_1776_1939" tabindex="0">Aishah's ability to be ones first choice for a movie marathon as well as your ideal study buddy is what makes her such a valuable (and youngest) asset to the team.</span>

Asmaa G

Social Events

Another fresh face in the team this year is sister Asmaa, who will be undertaking the role of sisters social events coordinator. As part of this role sister Asmaa will ensure that UTSMS sisters can have fun, relaxing events where they can get to know each and other and forget about the stresses of uni. We know that sister Asmaa will excel in this role because of her love of road tripping and the great outdoors, but don't ask her to ice skate! Sister Asmaa is currently in her third year of a bachelor of laws and you may hear her constantly referred to as Mariem (it's her name as well) but she definitely prefers Asmaa! And if you really want to get on Asmaa's good side then don't suggest that pineapple should be on pizza as she is quite passionate about that! Welcome onboard to an exciting year ahead Asmaa!

Mouemina B

Facilities Coordinator

There is no better person to be taking care of the sisters facilities this year than sister Mouemina. Completing her second year of midwifery, Mouemina has all the friendly, nurturing skills that make her the best port of call for all sisters with any facilities enquiries. In her spare time mouemina also enjoys some gallavanting and the finer points of gastronomy in all its forms. If there's a stressful situation in sight, mouemina is the person to make the best of it and a delight to have on the shura this year.