11 Aug

Halal places near UTS

Assalamualaykum and welcome back to University! We hope the break has treated you well, and you’ve returned to the Spring Semester revived, revitalised and ready to get those HD’s. Here at UTSMS, we understand that no HD is achievable without 2 important things; lots of dua and lots of good food. The former only you can take control of, by forming a personal connection with Allah SWT and asking Him to guide and assist you in every step of the way. However, we’ve decided to assist you with the food side of things (Pauline Hanson, eat your heart out!) So, with no further ado, here are the top 10 halal eateries on, or near campus!

  1. Uni Bros. 2

Arguably the most popular fast food option on campus, and for good reason! Located in the Building 1 Underground, this place is a halal goldmine with kebabs, burgers, pizzas, pides and of course, 10/10 halal snack packs. Everything is very reasonably priced so a trip here won’t break the bank, but remember, they only take cash! (There’s an ATM nearby). The workers are friendly Arabs who greet you with ‘sister’ or ‘brother’, adding to the all-round halal experience!

  1. Mad Mex

Hungry for some good Mexican food? Then walk no further than 3 minutes from Building 1, because Mad Mex on George St has everything you need! Only the chicken is halal here, but add it to the famous nachos or burritos and you won’t be complaining. With mild, medium, or spicy sauce available, this place caters to everyone’s needs. Be sure to try the churros afterwards too to treat yourself for all the HD’s coming your way!

  1. It’s Time for Thai

Located on George St, just a 5 minute walk from Building 1 or building 5, this place is the perfect go to for those Thai food cravings between classes. The entire menu is halal and very decently priced, especially during the lunch special! A personal favourite is the satay chicken skewers and sweet & sour chicken stir fry, but be sure to experiment with the many options available. The service is impressively quick and we can guarantee you’ll be back here for more.

  1. FOGO Brazilia

Need authentic Brazilian food at University student prices? Just cross the road from Building 1 to Central Park and you’ll get exactly that. With halal meat options, decent prices, and views of central park, this place is too good to be true.  There’s both indoor and outdoor seating available but the interior is especially cool, making you feel like you’re eating in the streets of Brazil. Be sure to order the Sao Paulo Chicken Burger with chips and their special mayo sauce for a top dining experience! The best part? It’s next door to Doughnut Time…

  1. Top Juice

Just located next to Woolworths in Central Park, it has a wide variety of salads and juices which can satisfy any type of craving. The amazing thing with Top Juice it can create any type of juice with different fruit/vegetable combinations. Personally I like the passion fruit cocktail with 2 scoops of protein powder which can fulfil my macros as well giving me a nice tasting treat with a reasonably price of $6.

  1. 7- Eleven

Believe it or not, the multi store franchise has a lot of offer to us, Halal-ians. From a spinach-ricotta roll to a Halal Meat Pie. It can help you out for a quick snack between classes or a satisfying dinner for them late classes. Located at 3 different locations around UTS; next to the library and two other shops on George Street. For only $4 you can get a flat-white and a meat pie to help out at times where you cannot afford an expensive lunch but also maybe you could meet your relative at the cashier.

  1. EV

EV kebab shop is on the top floor in Central Park as being one of the most popular kebab shop around the Campus right after Uni Bros. But most importantly EV offers a decent HSP for $9 with beef and the 3 special sauce, so for all you HSP fans this is something to try. But what else EV could offer is a special type of Pide which consist of 4 types of meat, cheese and egg for $13, by having one serve of the “EV Special” you already filled yourself for the rest of the day.

  1. Towers Café

Being the one of the first halal café in UTS, Towers Café is suitable for those individual who prefer more fine dining experience around campus or for those individuals who likes to take pictures for their Instagram showing a well decorated coffee and a fresh toasted sandwich to get more followers on Instagram. But despite all that Tower Café has a lot to offer from amazing coffee, delicious cakes and a variety of halal sandwiches.

  1. Mum’s Masala

Craving some Indian Food?, Mum’s Masala can facilitate your desire, located next to Uni Bros. This desi eatery has a variety different combination of different curries and naans. Depending on what you ordered and the variety of combination, it can cost you around 8-9 dollars which is pretty reasonable price for students.

  1. UTSMS Musallah Canteen

If all else fails and you just need a quick snack in between classes, run over to the Musallah, located on level 3, building 5. We are in the process of stocking up the canteen with healthy bars, candy, drinks, and other snacks for that quick halal fix!

So that is it guys, these are top 10 halal places to get a feed. Don’t forget to show your Student card for some decent discounts on the place to go to.


Until next time,

Ushna and Zohair



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