Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is Friday prayer?

Friday prayer is always at 1:15 pm on Friday. It is held at the Multi-Purpose Sports Hall in Building 4 (next to the Gym). However only UTS students are allowed to attend. So always have your Student ID ready, before you enter the prayer area. Sisters area is provided.

Will my hijab affect the way I am treated at university?

Your Hijab should not affect the way you are treated. If you feel you are discriminated against because of the way you are dressed or for any other reason, please instantly talk to UTS: Equity and Diversity. Visit for more information.

Do I have to miss Jumu’a/Eid/Daily prayers for a class or exam?

No, make sure you tell your teacher/lecturer about your situation and they should understand. If not, then student services should be able to help you out. Always remember your priorities and that you should not compromise your religion for studies. There should always be a way around your problems. If not, leaving something to fulfill an obligation will produce better results, both in this world and the next in sha Allah.

Do I need to be a Muslim to join UTSMS?

No you do not have to be Muslim to become a member of UTSMS. We love to engage and discuss with people of different faith. Joining UTSMS will help facilitate that and build healthy relationships.

Where is the prayer room (musallah)?

Due to the renovation of Building 2, the new prayer room is located at Building 3 Level 5. There are separate entries for both brothers and sisters.